There is a sense of renewal in Trieste.  New stores and restaurants are popping up and although it is a small city, it is always bustling with activities and events. Bars and restaurants are well attended as the Triestines love meeting friends for aperitivi or going out for dinner.  The “Sacchetta” neighborhood (near the Port of Trieste), is also getting a shot in the arm, with the recent opening of the massive “Da Pino” (7000sf and seating 260 indoors and 300 outdoors), #8 in a chain of restaurants that boasts 7 other locations in the Veneto region.

Da Pino, is the brainchild of Giuseppe Giordano (originally from the province of Sorrento) and distinguishes itself offering high quality Pizza produced with love and care.

When we went we met the young “Pizzaiolo”, who at the age of 18 is in-charge of preserving the “mother-dough”, making the dough, proofing it and making the pizzas, including the “pizzalonga” which is the signature yard-long pie meant for large groups.

Da Pino, also offers local specialities and traditional Italian cuisine using locally sourced products as well as the highest quality products from throughout Italy, such as capers from Pantelleria IGP, DOP Taggiasche Olives,  Olive oil from Redoro to name a few.

It’s location is ideal as it is on the waterfront, next door to Stazione Rogers where there is often live music.

Riva Grumula, 12 Trieste
Tel. 040 322 0053


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