Walking down the Via Valdirivo, under the greyness of the winter day, I was greeted by an explosion of color and light. A storefront window festooned with fabric flag banners in joyous wild patterns drew me in. I had stumbled upon the brick and mortar incarnation of, an eshop that sells “American” fabrics for the purpose of patchworking, quilting and dressmaking.

Recently opened, PatchworkVictim is the brainchild of Francesca Gnisci and her husband Paolo. Here her passion has become a fulltime job and with the support of inlaws and grandparents, she is able to balance work and family.

Besides offering a wide selection of  bright and beautiful fabrics both online and in the shop, one can also sign up for classes, ask for help on personal projects and purchase a variety of gift items from children’s clothing, bibs, blankets, small totes & bags and other items.

PatchworkVictim has also been getting involved with local events, recently partnering with the Trieste Film Festival to conduct a workshop for children. They have also launched an outreach project called “Polaroids” in which they collect “patches” with which to construct blankets for the local childrens’ hospital, Il Burlo.

With no shortage of ideas or supplies, Gnisci and her husband have created a business that is quickly spreading cheer throughout the city and becoming part of the fabric of Trieste.

Stayed tuned for more news from Patchworkvictim …. you can sign up for alerts on their website

Via Valdirivo, 23/c 34132 Trieste (TS)
Tel. +39 040 631325

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