My awareness of the increasingly widespread problem of gluten intolerance has grown enormously since I moved to Italy.  It seems ironic that a country that is synonymous with pasta and some of the most amazing bread in the world should have such a high incidence of sufferers.

According to the Italian Health Commission on Celiac Disease,  “patients in Italy are increasing. In 2016, the total number of new diagnoses was 15,569 — 5,000 more than the previous year. There are 198,427 diagnosed cases in Italy (2/3 of which belong to the female population and 1/3 to the male population) . However, it is estimated that there are about 408,000, undiagnosed cases.”

Several of my friends are gluten intolerant and I often find myself searching for gluten-free products in order to accommodate them when they come over for dinner. I want them to partake of a full and satisfying meal without feeling “left out” while the rest of us enjoy appetizers, pasta dishes and desserts that tend to feel more decadent the higher the gluten content.

While most stores are keen to include a gluten-free section, often the selection is limited and is generally lacking. Thus, I often find myself having to go to several stores just to find a decent array of products. That is until now — I think I have now found the “mother lode”.

On a side street, just a couple of blocks from the church of Sant’Antonio, near the Canal Grande, there is a Parafarmacia called SALUS POINT that stocks an amazing quantity of products meant to satisfy every need of the celiac suffering community as well as those looking for products free of additives or chemicals. (FYI a Parafarmacia is qualified to sell health-products and only over the counter meds.)

Salus Point stocks a wide array of gluten-free products; from a large selection of snacks, crackers, breads and cookies and cakes to both dry pasta and frozen fresh noodles. There are desserts, pizza crusts, and even frozen entrees. The selection is broad and the quality excellent and you are sure to find something to satisfy your gluten intolerant friends.

Opened just a year ago, Salus Point is a family run business employing two full-time pharmacists with over 25 years experience. Besides stocking special food items, they also carry OTC and SOP (over-the-counter medicines and special products without prescription), dietary supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, natural dyes, appliances for aerosol therapy, thermometers, blood pressure machines and they participate in the FVG health system program.

The staff is attentive and helpful, the pricing very competitive and they offer significant discounts. If necessary, they will special order on request and their products can also be ordered online and delivered.

It is definitely worth a visit.

Via della Zonta 8 ,Trieste
Tel: 040 372 0176

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