Trieste fashion is very understated. Of course, there are the “suits” (mostly employees of the two large insurance firms in town, Generali and Allianz) and then the old guard, a squadron of elderly ladies who are meticulously attired with matching handbags and shoes in toney shades of browns, blues and greys. But mostly, people are dressed casually, “sportivo” as they say.

Some lament the lack of stand alone luxury brand stores, but there are a few shops that carry selections from Gucci, Prada, Etro, Hogan, Tory Burch etc.   However,  in Trieste, there is one store that is constantly bustling,  catering to every age group and price point and that store is CORNER.

Carrying a variety of brands, from Armani A/X to Woolrich it offers men’s and women’s fashion, shoes, and accessories.  Corner has been a go to for Trieste’s fashionistas for almost 30 years. There is an ample staff who is friendly, attentive and eager to give you an honest opinion. They will pull together looks for you so you walk out with a complete outfit.

At the helm of the store is Maurizio, a tall gentleman who is part storekeeper and part best friend to his many clients; from enquiring as to the well-being of family members, to steering you away from unwise fashion choices to offering advice (solicited or otherwise). At times he might seem brusk or quiet or simply stand-offish, but once you get to know him he is truly delightful.

The fashion selection is a mix of trendy pieces and classics to complete any wardrobe.

Open everyday from 9am to 19:30 except Sundays
Via Mazzini 28 at the corner with Via S. Spiridione
Tel. 040/631219

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