When I was looking for cooking classes for friends coming in from out of town, I asked my local Facebook peeps for recommendations; the resounding reply from the majority was “contact Federica!“.  Federica Caccamo is a former chemist turned pastry chef (as many know, pastry like chemistry, requires precision and careful management of many different elements and strict adherence to processes — there is no “eye-balling” it). After years of living and working abroad, Federica returned to Italy to live in Trieste and pursue her culinary dreams.

L’Atelier dei Buongustai is the perfect name for her shop as it combines elegant and elevated cake design with a nod to foodies who like to eat well — not just pretty. Opened in 2016 the Atelier is where Federica makes magic – from fluffy maritozzi which she sells to a local ice cream shop, to special order cakes that look like beautiful still-lifes, to delightfully creative macaron concoctions.

Having always had a penchant for sharing her knowledge of Italian culture and cooking, even while she worked abroad, here at the Atelier Federica has refined this passion…

Skilled in also making savory dishes, Federica offers several workshops throughout the year highlighting local products in her kitchen; coffee, chocolate, olive oil, wines, seafood. Classes are co-hosted with local producers who share their products and expertise with the students.  The new season of classes starts this week.


As mentioned before, Federica also now offers private classes for small groups outside of her normal course schedule and she is fluent also in German and English.


Androna Sant’Eufemia, 2/B 34123 Trieste
tel: 339 802 2768
e-mail: info@atelierbuongustai.it

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