The Greek community has had a healthy presence in Trieste since Charles VI declared Trieste a free port in 1719, opening the city up to trade and the establishment of many different ethnic communities within the city.

Still today there are many families of Greek heritage in Trieste and they continue to play an important and prominent role in the city, benefitting us in many ways, not the least of which are some wonderfully good and authentic Greek restaurants.


Taverna Sapori Greci (the Tavern of Greek Flavors) is one of my favorites. Firstly because it truly delivers on its name. The restaurant is awash in Greece’s symbolic turqoise and white recalling the colors of the flag but  don’t be fooled because what it might lack in sophisticated decor it more than makes up for it in flavors.



The Pita bread here is dellicious, tasty, with the right amount of fat and chewiness, at the same time crisp and soft. Paired with Taramas (fish roe and bread dip) or Patzarosalata (a beautiful hot pink dip made with yogurt and beets) or it’s “killer combo” partner souvlaki, it is transportive. Immediately bringing your tastebuds to the islands of the Aegean sea.

The meat and fish dishes are succulent. Moussaka is rich and creamy and the fries are addictive.

The restaurant is tucked away on the 4 corners of Piazza Unita, Teatro Romano, Citta’ Vecchia and Cavana, so just walking there you soak up some of the best sites of the city.

Prices are very reasonable and the hosts are friendly and personable.

Open every day from 11:30AM–3PM, 7PM–12AM

Via di Crosada, 1A Trieste 

+39 366 464 7767

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