Last month, on January 24, amid little fanfare or celebration, the Despar supermarket opened its doors onto Piazza Unita’. Long awaited, much debated and controversial, the arrival of a supermarket on the most iconic piazza in Italy was largely frowned upon by almost everyone in Trieste, concerned that it would “cheapen” the piazza and quickly become an eyesore.

And yet despite protests and the petition with almost 2,000 signatures, the plan went forward nonetheless…

The Supermarket is located directly on the Piazza, next door to Harry’s. To Despar’s credit, the storefront is very discreet and the interiors are “boutique-like” with pretty displays featuring local foods as well as regular fare. Pretty globe pendants hang from the ceiling elegantly illuminating the 100 square meter space where 9 employees attend to customers’ needs.

Missing are trash bins to collect wrappers and containers, but hopefully locals and tourists alike will pay special attention to maintaining a sense of decorum in the piazza.

In any case, it is worth a visit. Like most Despar shops it is well maintained, well appointed with a good (if small) selection of products. The staff is pleasant and helpful. And despite protests, it has already been doing brisk business.

It is open 7 days a week, from 8am-20.

Piazza Unita’ d’Italia 4 Trieste
Tel.+39 040 631064

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