Via Palestrina

On my way to the gym, I walk past a very pretty pastry shop. In contrast to the dark, grey buildings that surround it, the CADENARO shop in via Palestrina emits a golden glow. I finally caved and instead of marching ahead with resolute will-power, I allowed myself to be lured inside to look over the shop’s delectable offerings.

Besides the usual suspects, the ubiquitous Pinza, Presnitz and Putizza (the sacred trilogy of Triestine pastry) there are trays and trays of elegant petit fours, pastries and cookies. There are cakes and chocolates as well as an array of breads– both classic along with more adventurous flavors. Cadenaro also has an assortment of savory treats like pizzette, focaccias, chifeletti and lasagne to eat there or take-away. Most of their pastry shops also serve coffee to accompany whichever “peccato di gola” (sin of gluttony — definitely sounds better in Italian!)  you choose.

This shop is one of five that the Cadenaro family owns throughout the city. Via Palestrina and Via Rittmeyer are the two flagship stores where they bake all their products and Via Roma, Via Milano and Via Giulia are their other locations. In Via Milano, Cadenaro Junior is a cafeteria style eatery with a good selection of Italian classics, salads, panini and offerings like gnocchi with ragu served in cute mason jars. 

Started in 1962 with a shop in the Altopiano near Cattinara, the business has been handed down through the family and is now run by the two boys featured in their logo; Roberto and Paolo Cadenaro and a team of family members. In fact, the old brand of the company was the actual photograph of the brothers, one holding a loaf of bread and one holding a cake, then, to modernize their logo, they opted for a cartoon version of the photo.

So yesterday, with the excuse that it was FAT TUESDAY, I walked out of Cadenaro with a generous helping of their crostoli, frittoloni with cream and frittole (purely as a favor to my readers for market research)….   Needless to say, I will have to put a little overtime into the gym tomorrow — but it was totally worth it!


Cadenaro Trieste

via Rittmeyer 14
via Palestrina 4
via Giulia 84
via Roma 8
via Milano 4

tel. +39 040 363092

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