As you may well have noticed, the days are a little longer, the sun a little warmer and the hillsides are now dotted with flowering trees. On the Carst, there are violets, crocuses, buttercups and daisies dotting the fields and roadside. Pretty soon, the first of the lucertole (lizards a.k.a. sun-seekers) will creep over to the pedocin  (Trieste’s popular segregated beach) and shed their piumini (down jackets) and begin working on their base tan.

Trieste is always beautiful, with a spectacular light which I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else, and, in Spring it is glorious.

The farmers’ markets start featuring local erbe spontanee (spontaneous herbs intended to mean wild edibles) like bladder campion a.k.a. silene vulgaris, wild asparagus, dandelion, aglio orsino a.k.a. wild garlic (the Italian name means Bear Garlic as bears waking from their hibernation tend to eat it in huge quantities).

Local shops start displaying elaborate easter decorations, baked goods like the titola, and beautiful chocolate easter confections.

Trieste’s calendar is full of fun and interesting events, both indoors and out, and this year is no different. Here’s what you can look forward to:

March16-24Trieste in Fiore , the annual garden & flower show and market will be held in Viale XX Settembre. From Largo Don Francesco Bonifacio all the way up to Teatro Rossetti, the entire Boulevard will be filled with kiosks and stands carrying a vast selection of fruit trees, garden plants of every variety, roses, cacti, perennials, annuals and more.  Mixed in among them are kiosks selling handmade all natural soaps & lavender sachets, artisans selling jewelry or dried flower arrangements, candles, linens and table cloths. There are also food stands offering small producer cheeses, cured meats and breads. The festival lasts one week and one never comes away empty-handed.


March 22-31: Mercatino Regionale Francese 🇫🇷 is a delightful little market that features an assortment of French foods and goods. This is a great opportunity to pick up hard to find cheeses, wines, and gourmet items like mustards and other condiments. Often there are wonderful pates and foies. It is held in Piazza Sant’Antonio near the Canal Grande.

April 6-7:  Castelli Aperti FVG, is a region-wide event. Castles held by the local counties and some of those still owned privately are opened up to the public. Events marking this special weekend (usually held in the Spring in April and in the Fall around October) are tours of the castles, historic reenactments, wine tastings, food markets, crafts fairs, etc. It is fun because you can plan a day trip and a drive through the countryside to visit these beautiful historic sites and homes while enjoying local flavors, flora and fauna.  Brochure.

April 20-22 9-19:30: This year Horti Tergestini, will coincide with Easter. This is a beautiful home & garden show and market that takes place inside the expansive beautiful gardens of the ex-Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste, Parco San Giovanni. It also coincides with the blooming of the park’s famous rose garden. This event includes everything from plants, to crafts, to artisanal products. In addition there are activities for the whole family; presentations and classes about gardening and nature, there are theatrical performances, book readings, live music etc. The park also has a very nice family friendly restaurant and both there and in the rose garden one can find live music all spring and summer long.

March 21 2019: the Giardino Botanico Carsiana dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Carso will open. Also in full swing is the Botanical Garden of Trieste Civico Orto Botanico, which is open all year.

April 7 10:30-18:30: Another fun event is the Barbacan Produce Market which is a collective of local artisans and designers who gather approximately 4 times a year in the heart of the Old Town (Citta’ Vecchia) near the Arco di Riccardo in Piazza Barbacan. Here you can find everything from one of a kind jewelry, handbags, clothing, furniture, tablewares, baby clothes and much more.

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