Love fish but hate to cook it? Don’t know how to cook it? Don’t like the smell of fish stinking up your apartment? Oh boy, do I have a great solution for you! AL GAMBERO is the fish market that cooks and delivers to you  — or — you can go to either of their two take-out shops.

The service is the brainchild of  Dario Amato and his wife, Virginia who started with a fish market in 2005 in the Maddalena neighborhood of Trieste (at the top of Via Molino a Vento at the start of Strada del Fiume) where along with fresh fish they also sold some  ready to eat items. From there they moved to larger digs in the same area and established a restaurant in the fish market expanding their repertoire of prepared dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts. They also added a well-stocked wine cellar to create a complete and elevated dining experience.

In 2017 they launched a shop in the more accessible downtown location of via Cesare Battisti which is where I discovered them (although a trip to their restaurant is now on my calendar!).

Every morning the Amato family prepares more than 20 dishes featuring fresh seasonal and mostly local ingredients procured by fishermen from Dalmatia e Istria and “sea-farmed” fish from Zara & Cherso in Croatia.

Their menu offers many tantalizing and delicious choices which you can order for 1 or as many as you need. Check out their website here.

You can call in your order and pick it up or have it delivered using the ubiquitous service JustEat.

Both locations are closed on Sundays and Mondays,

Strada di Fiume, 2
Tel. 040 947237
Tel. 329 0431454
fish market &restaurant
Open Tues-Fri 8-19:30 and Saturdays 8-15
Via Battisti, 3
Tel. 040 2036224
take away
Open Tues-Sat 8-14 & 14-20

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