People often complain that Trieste is so remote — and Triestines joke that they like it that way! But in fact, this famous gateway to “MittleEurope”  is undergoing a transformation to make it even more accessible.

The biggest news is the new train connection between Trieste and the local international airport Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia (TRS) (also called Ronchi dei Legionari after the town in which it’s located, 40 km NW of Trieste).  70 trains make traveling to and from the city and towards other destinations like Venice and Udine faster and more convenient.

There are plenty of other options for travelers looking to make their way to Trieste and to the nearby towns that are a must for sightseeing and day-trips, so here are some tips:

While planning your trip, be sure to go online or to the FVG Region InfoPoint (there is one at the airport and every town has an office) to purchase an FVG CARD, in order to access museums and tourist locations at discounted rates: 48h € 25,00, 72h € 29,00 and 1 week € 39,00. And for Students and Seniors the rates are:  48h € 20,00, 72h  € 24,00 and 1week  € 34,00.

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To and from the airport you can rent a car (there are plenty of options at the airport) or take a local bus or either of the 2 van services. Here is the local schedule for bus transfers from the airport. One van service is called GoOpti,  and on their site you can book shared or private ride service. Another van service is Science Bus which provides similar shared or private rides. Car Rentals can also be booked in Trieste, but your only options are Maggiore, EuropCar and Hertz.

In town, it’s easy enough to get around on foot, or by bus — this is true not only for Trieste but also in the other FVG cities like Udine, Cividale, Spilimbergo etc.  The bus system is very easy.  In Trieste, TriesteTrasporti provides both bus and ferry (Delfino Verde) services. You can buy tickets at the local newspaper & cigarette shops, there is usually a (T)-sign hanging outside as an indicator. If you are here for a short time you can buy a 10-trip for €12.15 or for other options, click here for their pricelist.  There are also two relatively new bus services which are HOPTOUR which like services in other major cities, takes you around to the main sights in the city with an audio guide and you can get on and off as you please (it is still missing stops to the Risiera and some of the other notable museums, but hopefully they will add them on). SMARTBUS is a new (in test-phase) on-demand service; you sign up and then you can reserve a trip on the date and time you require to reach areas in the Altopiano East and West spanning from Opicina to Borgo San Mauro and from Cattinara to Draga Sant’Elia.

Getting around FVG from town to town requires transportation. If you don’t want to drive, you can get around by train. Several towns are accessible by train service (You can even get a train to Tarvisio if you fancy a day on the slopes!) and you can book and buy tickets online through: TreniItalia  which offers both local and national service. HOPTOUR also provides transportation to towns like Cividale, Grado, Gorizia, Acquileia, Lubljana, Bled and other destinations.

From outside Italy you can buy Trenitalia tickets at the Trenitalia price (including the discounts for advance purchase) through These are e-tickets, so there is no charge for delivery. This way, you get the advance purchase discounts available on Trenitalia’s site without the markup. There is a transaction fee of  about
$5 US but they sometimes waive it if you mention Tripadvisor.

On Trainline people from outside Italy can compare prices and timetables for the two main operators Trenitalia and Italo, and buy all Italian tickets at the original price (including the discounts for advance purchase), without any transaction fee.

Italo is the national train service which arrives and leaves from Venice (the point closest to FVG region) for other major cities.

There are also car & driver services in the area who not only provide door to door transportation but can also help you plan day-trip excursions english speaking drivers to take you sightseeing & plan restaurant reservations for enjoying a meal at a local Osmiza or Golstina. This is also a smart way to travel out to the famous Collio region to explore the vineyards and sample your fill of local wines.

Drivers Gilbe has a garage (for your rental) and provides day-trips and a variety of other services through the local hotels or you can book them directly. Drivers Gilbe also offers Scooter and motorcycle rentals.

Comfortcar  provides airport transfers, special limo services, day-trips, etc.

If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy the several renowned bike trails in the area, then you can rent a variety of bicycles at OnesMoving in Via Trento, even electric bikes – they even organize bike tours for you. Also TriesteBike in Basovizza rents e-bikes if you want to explore the Carso. In Sistiana you can also find rentals at the Service Station, SistianaService so that you can bike along the coastline. Many of beautiful trails can be found on the FVG site Trieste Bike Trails.

And for those of you feeling the call of the sea, there is Gnowee, a boat rental facility which also offers excursions around the Gulf of Trieste and down the coast to Slovenian hotspots like Izola, Piran and Portoroz. Also available in the summer is LIBERTY Lines  Hydrofoil boat service from Trieste to points in Croatia with prices ranging from E.18 to E.35 depending on travel days. And of course, there is the DelfinoVerde, part of Trieste Trasport with regular ferry service (no vehicles) from Trieste to Muggia, Barcola, Grignano, Sistiana, Grado and in the summer you can also book sunset cruises with guides and music.

So whether by land, by rail or by sea, Trieste and FVG are ready to help make your travel and summer easy and fun.


  1. Great, informative post. Thanks! Wonderful news about the train to Ronchi and not before time, either. I would also suggest an alternative to Goopti for travel from Trieste – I’ve yet to use Science Bus but it was strongly recommended by a friend. Goopti has been very disappointing of late with their drivers always getting lost in the centre of Trieste and now their refusal, as of this year, to travel along certain streets and around certain areas of Trieste.

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