Just a little ways down from the Teatro Romano is a wonderful little ice cream shop called Gelato Marco. I was just there yesterday and witnessed a lady peering into the case, hands on head, while she desperately tried to make up her mind as to what to order. Her buddy laughed as it was obvious she was holding up the line but just as obvious was how she was captivated by the overwhelming selection and somehow brought back to a childlike wonder.

After spending many years in Germany working in the ice cream parlors of Italian immigrants from the Valla di Zoldo (famous for its ice cream making tradition) Bianca and Antonio De Martin moved to Trieste in 1979 to launch their own ice cream empire.

That same year, they opened their new and beautiful ice cream parlor, Gelateria De Martin in Viale XX Settembre and watched it grow and gain in popularity.

Another thing they watched grow was their son Marco, who at the age of 8 started apprenticing with his father to learn how to make ice cream, cassata and spumoni. Marco grew up passionate about the magic of ice cream making and after attending the Vittorio Veneto school of Hotel Management decided to join in the family business working at the Gelateria de Martin full time.

After 27 years in business, the De Martin family closed the gelateria in Viale XX Settembre. But… that was not the end of Marco’s career, in fact, it was just the start of a new and exciting chapter; Marco opened GELATO MARCO, one of the first ice cream parlors in Trieste with it’s creamery front and center of the shop.

The  creamery or laboratorio as it is called in Italy, is completely visible through glass panes, the reason, says Marco, is to guarantee the transparency of their work.

Marco and his team prepare their ice cream with fresh milk and cream every day to guarantee a healthy and natural product. They even make a vast assortment of  dairy free vegan options and are very careful to avoid any cross-contamination.

Ice cream is whipped following the best production standards and respecting traditions handed down through the generations. They use the best raw materials available on the market, always trying to favor local Italian products. Their fruit ice cream does not contain milk and is made with 100% all natural fruit.

Gelato Marco offers stiff competition to the other noteworthy ice cream shops in the city, and they concoct several original flavors like “Pedocin” named after Trieste’s famous beach and unusual combos like Rosemary & Pineapple or Green Apple & Cucumber, and classic seasonal Fall flavors like Chestnut, Persimmon and Pumpkin.  In the summer they come up with specialties like boozy granita flavors like Mojito or Aperol Spritz! Talk about refreshing!!!

Definitely a must when visiting Trieste!

Open Tuesday through Sunday 9:30AM–11:30PM – closed Mondays & winter months.

Via Malcanton, 16/A – Trieste

Tel. +39 392 0788230

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