Thanks to this #Covid-19 #lockdown, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to dedicate myself to #QuarantineCooking. If you look at my Instagram page, you can see I’ve been cranking out cakes, pastas, exotic asian dishes, elaborate salads etc. However, sometimes you just want to let someone else do the cooking.

During this time of crisis, Trieste has had a very vibrant take out scene with all the local restaurants, pastry shops, food stores, butchers, produce vendors and even wine shops offering home delivery of their wares.

Several lists have popped up on my WhatApp groups indicating which local businesses are offering at home delivery.

One of the most thorough ones was compiled by local blogger, Chiara Marchi aka Miss Claire and Giada Pizzignach, available here on her blog.

It is a great way for these businesses to stay open, keep part of their staff employed and create a place holder until this lockdown is over.

This is how I had the good fortune to discover ODIO IL BRODO (I HATE BROTH). This is the brainchild of Andrea Natali.  For months before the lockdown, I had seen this funny little FIAT Panda parked near my home. But I had no idea WHAT it meant!

Then one day at my grocery store, I had a particularly full cart and a young man came up behind me in line with an ENORMOUS quantity of bacon. He seemed in a rush so i let him go ahead of me. Curious, I asked him what he was going to do with all that bacon and he replied he had to wrap chickens in them. I watched him load his shopping in that very same Panda.

Last week, in the flurry of WhatsApp exchanges and chat groups, my girlfriend sent me a photo of a table spread consisting of fried chicken, nachos, french fries, taco sandwiches, etc. – a “comfort food” dream-come-true, foods that I would easily get in the U.S. but rarely have encountered here – she told me she had just ordered takeout from ODIO IL BRODO. No sooner did I see that picture that I placed my order for the following evening.

Natali is from Trieste, but apparently spent his formative cooking years  in Canada and the US. This is reflected in his menu where you can find things like “poutine”, or “Chicken and Waffles” and “Sloppy Joes”.

Not sure quite how he does it, but Natali took my order on WhatsApp, cooked it and delivered it himself. We tried the chicken and waffles which were juicy, crispy and flavorful. We also had the burritos and the Cresta sandwich as well as 2 orders of fries and the peanut brownie to finish the meal. It was totally satisfying, making us feel completely comforted in these uncertain times. We are now eager to try to Bao, and the poutine as well as some other tempting items.

I wholeheartedly recommend you try it and let me know what you think — so far my friends have given this a unanimous thumbs up!

TEL. 040 2607179
18.00 alle 21.00
dal lunedì al sabato

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