So this week we learned we each were being afforded 500 mt of freedom – a radius of relief – a circumference of serenity – an area for excursion….OK, I did preface this with “THIS IS WEEK #7″…

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 12.31.20 PM

It is really beginning to wear on all of us, and many have been closed in without any access to outdoor spaces of any kind. No terraces, no balconies, no poggioli (inner courtyard balconies usually off of the kitchen) or garden areas. Their only outdoor access is when they venture out for sanctioned activities like going to the grocery store, pharmacy, medical visits or to walk their dogs.

I’ve read stories of people jogging on their balconies or in their homes (i’m talking 24ft expanses) and actually logging miles — Apparently a guy in France ran a marathon on his deck !! That is not my case I can assure you, although walks from the couch to the kitchen do add up, according to my Iwatch!

But just as soon as we’ve been given this gift of “outdoor recess” the weather has turned and we’ve been having a couple of days of Bora. Considering that the pat phrase for this is, “well at least it will clean the air” I guess even a walk in 22 mph sustained winds is better than nothing.


So, I should be writing an article here about something typically Trieste or sharing some wonderful recipe which is always fun but TBH, I’m just not feeling it. I wonder where we go from here. What all the “phases” of re-opening the economy look like. Who will be allowed to get back to work and what will that look like, Genetic passports? Big business dictating policy? Politicians making convenient decisions?  What will the criteria be and how will we stay safe and still have a return to normalcy until a vaccine is ready to help us stave off the virus more effectively.

Wow, thanks Debbie Downer!  download

Maybe this is just a case of the famous Triestine condition, “Te ga el Cinciut!”  That’s when you’re feeling out of sorts, which usually does in fact occur when there is Bora… OK so I’m copping out…. Here is a link to my past post about the Cinciut .


Hopefully it will provide some distraction, some entertainment, some raison d’etre to these crazy times….ok maybe not, but heck, I need to get back to some mindless Animal Crossing!

Good luck, stay safe and see you next week…..





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