Recently I popped into Trieste Funghi to see what was in stock. Apart from big beautiful porcini, vibrant orange ovuli and yellow frilly chantarelles, there were an assortment of white and black truffles of varying sizes and a basket of dried, homemade tagliatelle. Without batting a lash, I bought 2 truffles and a package of noodles and voila’ dinner was figured out!

Now is the perfect time to visit TRIESTE FUNGHI – When I first arrived to Trieste, I discovered this most surprising and magical little shop. I don’t remember now if back then they also had the fruit and vegetable shop next door, but as I recall, in 2015 it was just a tiny little nook, maybe 20 x 10 square feet, just enough to house a refrigerated counter and some baskets and shelves overflowing with all types of fresh and dried mushrooms.

The fall, is the time this store really comes to life – customers dutifully wait to get their haul of fragrant fungi.
Trieste Funghi is a reliable source for fresh, fragrant and in season specimens. It is always best to call ahead to ask what’s in stock as inventory changes depending on the season and rainfall. But now, with the fruit and veggie stand next door, it is never a wasted trip.
Mon-Fri 8-13:30 17-19 Sat 9-13:30 Closed Sunday

Via Trenta Ottobre 13A
Tel: +39/333-310-1129

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