An off-shoot of the popular online service, MY AMERICAN MARKET, has opened a brick and mortar shop in the heart of Trieste.

YOUR AMERICAN MARKET is the brainchild of Andrea Abis and Gabriele Marras, owners of an American style 50’s diner, Planet Burger in Manzano near Udine. With Covid restrictions impacting indoor dining, they quickly adapted by putting their passion for mid-century “Americana” diner food, junk food and hard-to-find American products into this new venture.

It is a lifesaver for us expats, who — suffering through the pandemic, the election drama and the fact that many of us cannot travel to the US to replenish our supplies of american products — are craving familiar comfort foods. Here you can buy a variety of American candy bars like Reeses Peanut butter Cups, Twizzlers and Nerds, and snack cakes like Ding Dongs (be still my heart). There are also a variety of savory products like jerky, Combos as well as drinks (including Snapple), cereals, and novelty items.

The inventory is limited at the moment, but there are plans to introduce lots of cooking and baking staples unique to the US, like molasses, brown sugar, cake mixes and frostings, instant Oatmeal and other items. They will also carry, (must be speical ordered) the popular vegetarian meat substitue, Beyond Beef for E. 39.95 per Kg. which is pretty exciting.

In addition to in-store purchasing, they are putting together a website and an app so your can purchase online or directly from your smartphone.

Open Tues-Sunday 9.30-13.30 and 15.30-19.30


Check out and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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