If you follow this blog, you know that this is my favorite time of year in Trieste. Trieste is truly a Riviera-like city in which we enjoy, year round, the cultural offerings of theater, opera, ballet and museums combined with the bounty of the Karst with it’s Osmizes and hiking and cycling trails, all with the azure Adriatic sea and beautiful Alps in the backdrop.

In the summer months the city is abuzz with tourists while locals enjoy the summer days on their boats or at the local beach clubs. Then, at the end of August we usually get a cold snap and huge rain storm — the so-called “burrasca” — which signals the impending end of summer. At about the 3rd week of September, with the start of the fall, just when everyone has gone back to work or to school, we get 2-3 weeks of unusually great weather. This climatic phenomenon coincides with the city’s premiere international event, La Barcolana – the world’s largest regatta. This magical period of time, in which the weather, combined with the party atmosphere encompassing the city, and the rich offering of sporting and cultural events leading up to race day, really bring the city to life with excitement and anticipation. This, folks, is the Fifth Season of Trieste.

At this time of year the gulf of Trieste is constantly dotted with sailboats large and small, some participating in small regattas sponsored by the local yacht clubs, others are just practicing their skills, their crews and testing the mettle of their boats all in anticipation of the great race.

Sustainability is the key focus and theme of this year’s 53rd annual Barcolana. Its Sea Summit, is billed as an event of scientific dissemination and in-depth political, economic and social study dedicated to the sustainability of the sea and aquatic eco-systems. Its goal is to assess the state and health of the Mediterranean Sea and to give voice to those who study it, protect it, work with it and invest in it, and to underscore the urgent need to protect it.

Among the array of events on land and on sea, leading up to the big race day on October 10th are regattas, job fairs, shopping at the Barcolana Village, excursions on land and sea, demostrations and presentations, fundraisers, art exhibits and much much more. For the full calendar visit

Trieste, like everywhere else in the world is adapting to the new normal with Covid-19 precautions in place but thanks to the advent of the GREEN PASS, the events calendar is filling up as are the venues. Theaters and Cinemas are eagerly inviting patrons in and both traditional yearly events and new ones promise to offer entertainment and distraction from the general mood of 2021.

Check out the websites for il Rossetti featuring musicals and plays, Teatro Verdi featuring Classical Music Symphonies, Ballet and Operas and the popular La Contrada (aka Il Bobbio) Playhouse. They have all recently reopened and tickets are going fast.

Trieste is hosting some wonderful exhibits like “Incanto” featuring the colorful oversized recycled plastic works of Cracking Art which provide a sort of treasure hunt throughout the city. Also running is the exhibit on Nikola Tesla held at the Magazzino 26 in the old Port as well as a series of theatrical and musical events held daily at the Magazzino 26, entitled “Una Luce Sempre Accesa” (A light is always on”) to showcase the city’s committment to the arts . The Regional Institute for Istrian-Rijeka-Dalmatian Culture, is featuring an exhibit of selected works by the cartoonist Attilio Micheluzzi showcasing original pieces of “Afghanistan” which can be seen, along with many other works by Micheluzzi “From Istria to the world a Master of Comics”, will run until November 7.

In addition, there will be other events in and around town featuring food markets, crafts fairs, and festivals. If you enjoy live music, there are still some concerts to be found in Trieste, from open air Jazz performances to live music events at local bars featuring local artists, cover bands and some headliners.

A good place to find event listings are on Facebook Events local (just type Trieste and the dates you’re interested in) Trieste’s online newspaper TriestePrima and there is no shortage of photographic & art exhibits which can be found on TriesteCultura‘s page online. 

Trieste’s Fifth Season is a short but wonderful jam-packed season of fun, food, culture and excitement — The choices are seemingly endless and one runs the risk of suffering a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), even in these trying times. So get out there – with care and with your Green Pass- wear your mask, bring your hand sanitizer and be respectful of others and enjoy!!

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