Moving is considered among one of the 5 most disruptive life events that one can have, along with death, job loss, divorce and major illness. Unlike these latter ones, moving doesn’t have to be a bad experience if you or your family rely on the aid of a seasoned relocation specialist.

Patricia Bonaert is that person: a veteran relocation specialist and cross cultural consultant, over the last 20 years she has helped countless individuals & families settle into their new surroundings not just in Trieste, but worldwide.

While she focuses on her client adopting the “bloom where you are planted” philosophy, she pays extra special attention to the spouse and children, who often need greater help adjusting. Helping them fit in and find the right “fit” in terms of schools, support, and social circles. She is plugged into each location she works with and can help you find everything from a caterer to a family physician, tutors, career coaches and counselors. Everything to make them feel confident and ready to meet the challenges of their new environment.

While you may not have the choice as to where you move, you can make the choice to make the transition easier if not seamless.

Patricia Bonaert
Address:  Phone: +39 388 7519929
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm CET
Check out her website here and find her on Linked-In.

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