As you know, I love Trieste to bits, but now I love BiTS! BiTS stands for “Bike sharing Trieste” which is a new program launched this week to promote “soft mobility” in an attempt to reduce congestion, pollution and provide sustainable alternative transportation modes in Trieste.

This initiative is aimed at the tourist and local alike to improve the quality of life, health, and air quality particularly in a city that is the ideal size for such a venture. It intends to change transportation choices long term.

So how do we get in on this? EASY! There will be 10 bike stations throughout the city; Piazza Libertà-Stazione, Piazza Oberdan, Teatro Romano, Stazione Marittima, Teatro Rossetti, Piazza Hortis, Stazione Rogers, Cumario Musei, Park Bovedo and Barcola.  Two more bike stations are coming soon to Porto Vecchio. Right now there are a total of 130 bikes of which 42 are electric and 106 are regular.


Go to your App store to download the Bicincitta App or go to to register. All trips under 30 minutes are free and a promotion is being offerred right now where you can pay 3 euros for unlimited access for 6 months (expiring June 30 2020)

You can sign up via the app and pay by credit card or you can go online to and sign up and pay, after which you will receive a welcome kit by mail and a membership card (shipping fee is 3€).

Regular fares will be:

0-30 minutes             0,00€

31-120 minutes         0,50€  every 30 minutes

121+ minutes plus    1,00€  every 30 minutes

*if your time goes even marginally over the next 30 minute mark, you pay the next full half hour.

The service is not available to unaccompanied minors.

Bikes are available 24/7 and must be returned to any depot.

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