For a city on the sea, Trieste surprisingly has very few places in town where to eat on the waterfront. City planners promise there will be more to come, but in the meantime, these are the ones I would recommend for enjoying the view, the food and sometimes both.  Some are better than others but if you really want to enjoy a Triestine evening of sunset watching and dining by the sea, here are your best bets.

TERRAZZA AUSONIA:  This restaurant is located in the Ausonia Beach Club at the far end of the Rive next door to the famous “Pedocin” beach . One here enjoys traditional fare with a nice view of the sunset and the sea. The restaurant prides itself on locally sourced products and advertises itself as “KM0”. Reasonably priced. In town.
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PIER: This is a new restaurant located in Marina San Giusto. It is directly on the water and offers great views of the marina, the sea and the Trieste skyline. Its pièce de resistance is the massive rooftop with tons of seating open all day every day where you can get everything from breakfast to bar drinks and snacks. There’s a small fry shack on the roof serving the local favorites. It is always very busy. The downstairs restaurant is a more upscale & pricey. In town.
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EATALY: Part of the worldwide chain, this outpost was anxiously awaited as it promised prime waterfront dining. The downstairs cafe inside probably has the best view while the upstairs restaurant L’OSTERIA DEL VENTO has a very limited outdoor seating hindered by a high, view-obstructing wall.  They’ve recently added outdoor seating but it essentially located in the parking lot. In town. Moderately priced.
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TRE MERLI:  This is the first waterfront restaurant I tried  when I moved to Trieste.  This is a large, deep outdoor space, with good views at the tables closer to the waterfront. Tre Merli is both a restaurant and hotel and it is even more enjoyable now thanks to a recent and successful renovation. Moderate to pricey. Slightly out of town, near Barcola.
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LA TAVERNETTA AL MOLO: Food-wise I think this is one of the best restaurants in the area. It is located right on the small port of Grignano and makes for a nice stop after a visit to Miramare. It is charming and the owner, Matteo, is very attentive. Don’t miss the Bigoli in Cassopipa or their assorted “polentine”. Moderate to pricey but well worth it. In Grignano.
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LA TENDA ROSSA: I have to admit I haven’t eaten here yet, but the views from along the Strada Costiera are breathtaking. Reviews are mixed so my suggestion is to check it out. If nothing else you can enjoy a beautiful view with a glass of prosecco. Strada Costiera.
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LE TERRAZZE SUL MARE di HOTEL RIVIERA & MAXIMILIAN’S: A lovely hotel, beach resort, spa and restaurant in one. It has an unbeatable location on the Strada Costiera with unobstructed views of Trieste and the gulf.  There are two dining options, one more casual and spa-like and the other offering a broader selection of seafood, meats, pastas and even vegetarian options. Moderately priced. Strada Costiera.
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TRATTORIA BELLA RIVA: located off a steep and narrow road leading down to the beach is this delightful and rustic trattoria, well attended by locals. A little hard to find but well worth the adventure. Moderately priced. Off the Strada Costiera.
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Portopiccolo’s MAXI’S, CLIFF & BRIS : A little further out of town heading west is the swanky Portopiccolo, a luxury gated community with its own port, shopping, beach club, spa, bars and restaurants. Built in an old quarry carved out of a cliff on the sea,  there is nothing but blue sea dotted with sailboats for as far as the eye can see. Here you will find 3 waterfront dining opportunities; MAXI’s is the beachside bar/restaurant featuring locally sourced products and wines. CLIFF is a more high-end restaurant situated in the luxury spa hotel Falisia on the marina with views of the gulf and offering local fare with a flair. And finally, there is the unfortunately named BRIS, which in Italian refers to a sailor’s sextant (which, come to think of it, doesn’t sound much better…!) which is their super-posh restaurant with sweeping views of the port and sea.  This is a beautiful resort, great views so figure that you will spend accordingly. In Aurisina.
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IL CAVALUCCIO: Located on the tiny port of Duino this little restaurant has delicious seafood at great value and the views are stunning. The best dish I’ve had here are the Branzino-stuffed ravioli, but truly, everything is delicious. Moderately priced and well worth it. In Duino.
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LA DAMA BIANCA: This restaurant is just next door to Il Cavaluccio. La Dama Bianca is both hotel, beach and restaurant. The food here is also very good and again, great views. It is a little harder to get a reservation as they are often booked for special events. Moderate to pricey. In Duino.
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Check out locations & distance on GoogleMAPS search Trieste Restaurants.


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