Trieste is an international city where many cultures converge and, while we all enjoy the local fare (and what’s not to like?) every now and then we want a taste of “home”. Luckily, Trieste has several well-stocked ethnic food shops that make it easier to re-create those dishes that bring us back. For me, I miss the typical American-Chinese food take-out dinner (the kind you eat out of the  cardboard containers with chopsticks while watching a movie on your couch): Egg rolls, Fried rice, Spare ribs, Lo mein, Dumplings, Sesame Chicken, etc. Now I’m not saying there aren’t good Chinese restaurants in Trieste , but there are specific dishes and flavors I’m looking for.  Luckily for me, I discovered ASIA. No, not the continent but the clothing store on Via Ghega 7, Trieste 040/630933. From the outside it looks like every other Chinese bargain store…but when you go inside and walk past the first room full of clothes, bags, umbrellas etc. you enter into a nirvana of Asian ingredients!  You can find everything from the basic staples of dried mushrooms, spices and sauces to frozen wrappers and seafood, instant noodle mixes and even a section of fresh produce.

Another worthwhile stop is the Turkish Alimentari MARKET STAZIONE on 3A Piazza della Liberta’ at the corner of Via Ghega. It is a small reasonably well-stocked shop which carries key ingredients for making Baklava and, most importantly, carries Turkish yogurt which is really delicious, rich and creamy.

Another favorite and possibly the better known shop in Trieste is CURRY MIX on via di Torre Bianca 22B 040/26018123 . This shop carries a large variety of spice and products from all over Asia, Africa, Bangladesh and Latin America.

Here you can find everything from frozen seafood, flours and oils of every kind, soft drinks to hair relaxing products.

Additionally you can find a good quantity of mainstream ethnic foods at the local supermarket nowadays, like: peanut butter, Tex-Mex ingredients, Japanese ingredients, Pancake mix (not great) and also the Healthfood stores like BioLife offer a decent selection of Asian staples like Miso, Wasabi, Seaweed, Umami, etc. Finally if you’re really aching for some US-based foods, there are several internet options which deliver like My American Market.

As always, I invite you to clue me in on other shops, other types of ethnic food stores you have found in Trieste that you think others need to know about! Happy shopping!



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