There is a delightful little street hidden behind Corso Italia called Via Degli Artisti which is home to several cute shops, among them, a little gem called TEA TIME which sells a vast  assortment of teas and spices.

When you walk in, you realize that this is much more than a tea shop, it is a tea emporium curated by Patrizia Orlando, who is a certified Tea expert, a Sommerlier ad Formandum and professional chef.

The walls of the shop are lined with many canisters containing various types and forms of teas: from leaves to pearls;  pure black, green and white teas; flavored teas; infusi tea-free blends of dried fruits, flowers, herbs and spices and much, much more more and Patrizia is there to guide you through this magical world of flavors and scents in the realms of both teas and spices. Tea Time also carries the very lux Dammann Frères teas.

(photos courtesy of Teatime.com website)

Like a wine sommelier, the tea sommelier must use an organoleptic (using all the senses) approach in the analysis of beverages in order to evaluate the type, quality, characteristics as well as define the correct pairings with food.

As Patrizia explains, “the tea sommelier must be able not only to conduct a professional tea tasting, but also recognize the various types, appreciate in detail the processes, traditions of the producing countries and the cultural context in which each tea is made.
As well as give a technical judgment on the tea; how to detect and judge any defects present and the conformity of the various lots with the processing protocols.”

In addition to teas and spices, you can find beautiful serve-ware and table top essentials for preparing and serving your teas. They also carry coffee cups and servers and even water bottles and thermoses. And for those of you looking for something with a little more kick, Patrizia carries a selection of fine Sake. You can also place your order online at Teatime.com

The trip to Tea Time is a must if you are a lover of teas, but even if you’re not, Patrizia will open you up to new horizons through the many events she hosts including tastings, lectures, wellness seminars and even cooking presentations. You can get event information on Tea Time’s Facebook page.

Open Everyday 9:30-13:15 and 15:30-19:30 Monday 9:30-13:15 and Closed Sundays.

Piazza Silvio Benco, 3 Trieste
Tel. 040 470 7312

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