Which Sea is Your Favorite?

The last thing I imagined was that I was going to be sucked down a rabbit hole, searching for information on these intriguing and beautiful necklaces that I found hanging in my hairdresser’s salon.

I was immediately drawn to them as they are exquisitely unique. Seeing my curiosity, he said to me, “the designer said I have to ask my clients, ‘which sea is your favorite?’ “. These feminine, rounded forms of glass filled with what seems to be sea water. The colors remind you of the sea from places where we’ve all left our hearts at one time or another. The colors evoke the sea in all its moods and from different geographic areas, from Sicily to Sardegna to Trieste.

Their creator is Jewelry designer Elisabetta Carozzi who imagines them, draws them and then entrusts them to the expert glassblowers. She has garnered several major contemporary jewelry awards and she has been featured in many Fashion Week events around the world. Her work has even appeared at Milan’s trendy MUDEC museum.

Her line is called ICONICA PoesIa luCe sOffio suoNo entusIasmo riCerca Amore (Poetry, Light, Breath, Sound, Enthusiasm, Research, Love) and she dedicates her necklace lines to a pantheon of women who have stood out in their time and made history, among them : Amelia Earhart, the poet Alda Merini, Audrey Hepburn and Josephine Baker, the architect Gae Aulenti, the painter Frida Kahlo, the choreographer Carlyn Carlsson and the writer Banana Yoshimoto. She says that she imagines not only these feminine icons wearing her pieces but that her pieces would be “timeless”.

This water-filled series is called, Mi Tuffo in Blu (I dive into the Blue) and it is dedicated to Angela Bandini a.k.a. Angela degli Abissi (b. Rimini, 26 May 1961) an Italian freediver. Bandini has set several world records and collaborated on various scientific expeditions. She has also been featured in many television documentaries, thanks to her participation in scientific research projects produced by ABC- TV in the US, the British BBC and Japanese television, as well as the GLAUCOS series by Jacques Mayol, for which perhaps she is most famous.

These are unique, luxury, art sculptures doubling as jewelry and I strongly suggest that you RUN to Winters Salon to claim yours before they sell out. These will make beautiful gifts for any occasion.

Winters Salon – 1, Via delle Beccherie 7, Trieste Tel. 040/368652

Open 9:30 -18:30 Tues through Thurs, Friday 10-20:30 Sat 9:30-17:30 Closed Sun & Mon

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